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My big sister and me


And so I am writing my first blog ever and only now because I'm finally ready to. It’s that simple.

The truth is as a working musician you constantly walk a fine line between perception and truth, we are taught, trained, told to be sure that we always LOOK like we are having the time of our lives that we are on top, that we are successful. If you show weakness the public will be turned off of your music and your brand. True of course to some degree, but also disingenuous and what is it that people dislike more than weakness? Dishonesty. They can smell it from a mile away.

So I will make a commitment that my blog will be as honest as I can be, without hurting anyone.

I've decided to start at the beginning, when my passion and my dream began. I'll take my time to get through the years and struggles and joys because not only is this blog for the public but it’s also for me.

This is my opportunity to share openly for the very first time what my life as a performer has been like. I'm ready to be judged because I have come to terms with my own mistakes, I am aware of the errors of my ways. I am also aware that you can be judged for something you never did too.

There is no space for shame and regret but there is still time to live each and every day of the rest of my life in a way that I can be proud of. And who knows, maybe someone can gain from my thoughts, my experiences.

So the first day of my extraordinary life was Saturday, 27th November 1976. An epic year for music and politics. I guess I have always felt pride in the fact that this marked a day in time when music was breaking rules and making change in the world. I have also always been the first to remind people that I was born on the same day as Jimi Hendrix. A man that broke all the rules and all expectations and burnt out way before his genius could reach its full potential. But beyond his death at 27 years old he continues to inspire young musicians across the planet 45 years on. What a legacy. I believe in some surreal way Jimi Hendrix and the many greats like him have impacted my life more than I’ll ever know. And so it is with incredible music. It is passed on through the generations and touches hearts and souls beyond its time.

That same year in South Africa the first television broadcast was made and June 16th of that year saw the tragic consequences of the politics of the land I call home with the casualties of the Soweto Uprisings. It was a time of movement.

The worldwide chart toppers that year in 1976 included David Bowie, Diana Ross, Elton John, Wings, Thin Lizzy, The Commodores and Paul Simon with 50 Ways to Leave your Lover (Still one of my favourite songs)

So not only was I born in the Astrological Fire sign of Sagittarius but also in the Chinese year of the Dragon. In a way I had no choice but to be passionate. I believe from what I have been told that I entered the world demanding attention. And so it began. My poor parents; a golf professional and a bookkeeper, couldn’t have imagined the whirlwind they had created. The price a parent of an artist must pay.

I'm off to continue the dream, until next time...


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